Friday, 6 March 2015

Google Docs vs Microsoft Word - it's not as hard as you think to change over

Microsoft Word vs Google Docs

Editing a document with Google Docs is different but it's not hard.  With unmatched features like always online, accessible from any device and super easy collaboration then its Google Docs that gets my vote.

Most of the controls and formatting options are the same as other word processors albeit a little lighter in choice. The level of functionality and visual appeal most people are accustomed to with MS Word is achievable if you can lend a little extra time to figuring it out.

I'll be highlighting some of the differences between the two of the major players (Google Docs and MS Word) and demonstrating just how to achieve a visually appealing document in Google Docs that is comparable to its competitors.

First up (just because some people have been struggling with it) is the difference between editing, commenting and viewing a document in Google Docs.  It might sound like it's pretty self explanatory but when you are used to the Microsoft way it can be a little strange at first, a new tool and a new way of doing things sometimes puts people off learning.  

But once you see how easy it really is then you'll wonder how you ever used anything else.

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