Saturday, 28 February 2015

The different ways your home can be connected to the internet

Ways your home can be connected to the internet

There are many different ways to get the internet connected in your home and sometimes words are just not enough or they are too much!  
If the sources of information floating on the internet leave you a little confused or bewildered then maybe some simplified pictures can help you understand what the common internet connections to your home are and how they piece together.  

Thanks to my dad for creating and allowing me to post them here for everyone.

This is the most common type of fixed internet connection in your home which uses the fixed line telephone copper cables running through your suburb.  This type of connection can be troublesome or slower than expected if the copper cables are old and the distance between you and the exchange (main connecting hub) is great.
Home Internet Connections - ADSL

This type of internet uses the mobile telephone network via a USB dongle which is a portable modem or SIM ready router/modem.
Home Internet Connections - Mobile Wireless

This connection type is similar to the one above but instead it uses your mobile phone and doesn't require any new equipment.  Just plug your mobile in via a USB cable, install the drivers from the mobile makers site and connect.  Sometimes this method is more trouble than it's worth as the drivers can sometimes be...... well....... troublesome.
Home Internet Connections - Mobile Tethering USB

By far the easiest method these days to use your mobiles internet from your computer, all smart phones have WiFi tethering or hot spot available to use.  Set this up on your phone with a name and password, turn on and then connect your PC or Laptop just like you would with your home WiFi.
Home Internet Connections - Mobile Tethering WiFi